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Neighborhood Value Plan

The Neighborhood Value Plan (NVP) provides choice in programming at a great value. This program provides a low-cost BULK package that will be delivered to the entire property while still allowing individual residents to upgrade to their choice of premium, HD programming, DVR options and Pay-Per-View.

This program delivers incredible value for the residents, the operator, and the owners. A completely scalable solution that starts with a basic BULK programming package for all residents, combined with digital upgrades for individual units who choose to do so. Once a package has been selected by the property or HOA, channels from the package are used to create a ‘Basic Property Channel Lineup,’ which residents can access without the need for a receiver in their unit.

Product Features

  • Begin with a BULK programming package, then add DIGITAL subscribers on an individual basis.
  • No set-top box is needed to receive the BULK programming.
  • DIGITAL set-top box will be added for subscribers to receive all BULK programming as well as additional programming.

Equipment & Technology
This program is designed for properties equipped with a SMATV headend and a QAM or L-band overlay that can be utilized to provide the digital upgrade solution.

  • Exclusive and non-exclusive incentives available.
  • NVP offers the PCO the ability to provide low cost BULK programming and for residents to upgrade their basic service.
  • Reimbursement for DVR and additional outlet fees available to the PCO.