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Internet without interruption

Renters, tenants, and owners alike have declared internet as a top amenity request. Pull more customers to your business by giving people more reasons to choose you over other property owners.

CMG has found that property managers and owners are always looking for ways to create incentives to attract renters, retain existing tenants, and provide additional value to condo owners. CMG Media Ventures  offers fast affordable wireless Internet service for any size property. It is easy to install and manage. We have designed our product to be simple to install, yet able to easily provide a solid broadband connection to multiple units with as little disturbance to residents as possible during the process.


Internet needs from your tenants


Residents can access the internet from anywhere within your property at download speeds starting from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps and beyond based on service level selected for property.


Not only monitored 24/7 but your network also comes standard with many other security features free of charge. Anti-virus, content filtering and intrusion detection and prevention help keep your residents safe on the web.

Wireless at Home

With CMG, residents can access the internet with multiple devices anywhere within your property and their unit without the need for additional wireless home networking equipment.